Top Snacks to Pair with Popcorn

23 Oct

Here at, we naturally focus on popcorn and making our own using popcorn poppers. There’s just a cathartic experience in eating your favorite popcorn prepared by yourself. But even we have to admit that one can get tired of eating just popcorn for movie night. So what can you pair popcorn with?

Snacks that pair well with popcorn

Try pairing popcorn with other snacks! Mixing and matching popcorn with other snacks will keep it from getting stale and give a more enjoyable experience!

But First: Decide on Popcorn Flavor

Before getting into the snack that you would pair with your favorite popcorn, decide what flavor the latter will be first. Quite often, you will already have an idea of the popcorn flavor before you start an activity, whether it’s just reading a book or going on a Netflix binge.

This is an important stage, as the flavor of the popcorn itself will generally determine the best pairing. Most of the time, this will also define the kind of taste you would be looking for. Sometimes, you want a snack that complements the taste of the popcorn. Other times, you would prefer a slight to an extreme contrast of flavors.

For example, if you went with the traditional buttered popcorn, a snack to be paired could follow the same salty taste. Or, if you prefer a contrasting flavor, you could choose a sweeter tasting snack. And at other times, you might want to go the spicy route instead.

If you’re lacking flavor ideas, here are some creative popcorn flavors being enjoyed around the world. Also, consider mixing two contrasting flavors of popcorn. For example: butter flavored popcorn pairs very nicely with caramel flavored popcorn.

Aside from flavors though, here are the…

Top 4 Snacks to Pair With Popcorn

To give you a starting point, here are 4 really good snacks to pair with popcorn. To start with, consider making the snack equally as healthy as your freshly popped popcorn. These are not the only choices, but I think you will agree that these are perfect matches!


A traditional favorite by the young and the young at heart!

Cookies have been around since forever. Whether it’s the off-the-shelf variety like Oreos or the homemade tasty treats that Grandma makes. Cookies are sufficiently sweet, but not too sweet, which makes it an ideal match for your bowl of popcorn. Pairing oatmeal cookies with salted popcorn is an easy pick. Or try vegan cookies with cheesy flavored popcorn!


Trail Mix

The 2000s have seen the rise in popularity of trail mixes as snacks. This may be due to the trend of health buff enthusiasts or traveling and outdoor activities. Trail mixes are composed of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. Regardless, trail mixes are a great, flavorful snack that contributes to a healthy diet.

Aside from being a wonderful health efficient choice, the cornucopia of flavors is a nice combo with popcorn. Getting fiber, minerals, and vitamins from your snacks, while tasting good? That’s a win-win combination!


Also known as Crisps in some countries. Different names, but the same great taste. Although chips have had a notorious reputation as “junk food”, not all chips are created equal. With the increase of healthier snack options, many nutritious chips are now available.

Potato chips are the most prevalent, but you can also choose corn chips (double the corn!), cheese, and multigrain! Just be careful with the salt intake. If you already have popcorn with cheese or butter flavor, consider chips with a sweeter or spicier flavor.


Sodas are usually the beverage of choice to pair with popcorn. While sodas are fine in moderation, too much can be addictive and unhealthy in the long-run. Instead, opt for smoothies. Homemade smoothies are a great match for popper prepared popcorn!


Smoothies are very easy to prepare, too. You could get the café or convenience store prepared smoothies, but those are usually laced with too much sugar or preservatives. All you need to make great smoothies is a reliable blender and fruits. You can pretty much make any kind of smoothie for your popcorn.

Fruits like cucumbers, mangoes, melons, berries, bananas, papayas, and pineapples (or combinations) are great for a sweet taste. On the other end, you can also create veggie smoothies with carrots, squash, spinach, kale, celeries, and the like. And you can add pretty much anything you want! Crushed ice, brown sugar… even weird choices like peanut butter!

The possibilities are endless!

Be Creative in Pairing Snacks with Popcorn

Having the option of mixing up your popcorn favorites with other snacks that are also healthy is great. Just like popcorn flavors, healthy snack choices exist to give you variety.

What would you add to the above list?

Be sure to check out our other articles for more information on popcorn poppers, snacks, and activities to enjoy with popcorn!

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