5 Best Commercial Popcorn Poppers

Whether you are a true popcorn fanatic or simply looking to increase the yield of profit with your business, one thing is certain: you cannot satisfy such vast popcorn needs with domestic means of preparing single servings of popcorn.

Best Commercial Popcorn Poppers?

Though single-serving methods of popcorn preparation have been around for ages (thousands of years to be more precise), the commercial popcorn maker, which skyrocketed popcorn´s popularity to a new level, has only been around for less than a century.

However, it is apparent in our culture and in the entertainment and/or refreshment industries in particularly, that popcorn is of high demand, and such demand will not be decreasing any time soon.

The commercial popcorn machine started as a large, clunky goliath of a device with no other practical usage other than concessions at the movies or the ball game. Yet, as modern advances in technology have been made, so have advances in our methods of preparing popcorn.

Not only can you now enjoy the comfort and luxury of a commercial popcorn maker within your own home or church, but you can also expand your horizons as a business owner and ultimately increase your profit yields, and you can do so without spending a whole month´s salary!

Things to consider:


If you are purchasing one of these popcorn makers for your business, it is important to know just how much popcorn the machine is going to yield in one sitting and if it is practical for your establishment! We will take a look at the quantity produced by each popper to make sure that it is well suited for either your business or your home, so that you don’t have any questions!


Though many of these machines are cut from the same cloth and look similar, some of them will provide you with not only the most modern methods of popcorn popping technology, but also a vintage look that would make even Orville Redenbacher himself feel dream-like nostalgia. So whatever kind of aesthetic appeal you are looking for in your machine, we will be sure to address it!


With these popcorn machines being larger and more professional in both their appearance and overall quantity of delivered popcorn, most of them will require some assembly considering that it would be quite impractical to ship a heaping box of metal and electronic composition to your doorstep.

We will be sure to examine how much assembly is required and how quickly you can get that chore out of the way so that you can enjoy your popcorn as quickly as possible!

Clean up

In purchasing one of these industrial-grade popcorn machines, clean up could either turn out to be a disconcerting chore or a breeze of a task. Either way, it is a sure thing that you will need to clean your popcorn machine in order to keep it looking sleek and operating smoothly to maximize the life and popping quality of your machine.


Whether you are buying a commercial popcorn maker for your business or simply wish to have one in the comforts of your own home to satisfy your insatiable and gluttonous popcorn needs, size does matter in this context!

We will take a look at how big and bulky or conveniently miniscule these popcorn poppers are so that you know exactly what you are getting into!

Great Northern Popcorn 6010 Roosevelt Top Antique Style Popcorn Popper Machine

Great Northern Antique Style Popcorn Popper Machine

The Great Northern Popcorn 6010 Roosevelt Top Antique Style Popcorn Machine is an 860 watt, deluxe model that features a 3-position control switch, as opposed to the 2-position control switch which is common in less advanced models.

These switches include: a spot light warmer; to keep your popcorn nice, warm and ready to eat; a stirrer and pot heater; to ensure maximal output and optimal popping capacity; and a heated warming deck!

On top of these great features, it also has a built-in warmer light, and comes with a reject kernel tray for all the old maids that don’t get picked for the winning team, and scoops for the kernels and the oil!

The 6010 Roosevelt Top Antique Style popcorn machine is made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel and thick glass doors, which makes for a classy and simple look and makes it painfully easy to clean! Simply wipe it down with a wet towel and watch it shine! No heavy-duty cleaning required!

While this machine is perfect for your small business and rolling around the main square to sell popcorn on the go, it also features a detachment capability that allows you to remove the machine from the wheels and place it on a tabletop or counter for a more immobile and permanent approach!

This popcorn machine produces 3 gallons of popcorn per batch and only minor assembly is required with no extra tools needed! However, it is important that if you are looking to purchase this machine for popping popcorn for your business, that it does only come equipped with an 8 oz. kettle, meaning that you would be popping popcorn nonstop without a break.

So if you are looking to buy this machine for commercial purposes, it may be worth it to look into getting a larger kettle with higher popping capabilities.

No matter whether your purpose for purchasing the 6010 Roosevelt Top Antique Style popper is, you will be receiving all the modern advances in popcorn technology along with the retro-vintage look that will awaken feelings of nostalgia at the ball game or seeing Space Jam for the first time with a heaping tote of buttery, salty heaven in your lap!  

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Great Northern Popcorn 6210 POPHEAVEN Commercial Quality Style Popcorn Popper Machine with 12-Ounce Kettle

POPHEAVEN Commercial Quality Popcorn Popper Machine

The 6210 PopHeaven Commercial Quality Style Popper is Great Northern’s biggest and bestest industrial-grade popcorn machine. Featured switches include a spot light warmer, as well as a stirrer and pot heater.

It also comes with small perforations in the bottom of the main chamber and an old maid drawer underneath to catch all of the unpopped kernels. This makes for easy and simple clean up so that you don’t have to worry about sifting through the erupted kernels to make sure you don´t give your customers any unpopped ones!

It is decked out in wacky fonts that grab your attention, surrounded by an electric blue that will make you feel like you just walked into an arcade full of noisy chirps and bleeps, or a casino laden with flashing lights. Along with the quirky and attention-grabbing text, it comes equipped with all the latest popcorn technology and a sleek, stainless steel look that will make your home or business look up-to-date and hip!

It is a 1350-watt machine, making it the most powerful machine that Great Northern has to offer. With its unprecedented power, it can create more popcorn in a shorter amount of time with less effort!

It contains an all-metal gearbox making it reliable and efficient; so you won’t need to worry about replacing pesky plastic gears all the time!

With its 12 ounce kettle, it can yield 5 gallons of tasty, fluffy, movie-theater-style popcorn in just minutes! This machine is also equipped with a kernel and oil scoop, and is complete with tempered glass, making it heavy-duty and resistant to lots of pressure and heat!

This product will not only provide you with a sleek-look, high yield, and efficient operation with little to no interference, but it will leave you without empty pockets so that you can increase the profit of your business without spending all of your hard-earned money on appliances! 

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Available on Amazon, you can increase your business and more deeply satisfy your customers with this wonderfully convenient and reliable machine!

Great Northern Popcorn 6097 8 OZ Foundation Red Full Antique Style Popcorn Popper Machine Complete with Cart and 8-Ounce Kettle

Great Northern Popcorn Popper Machine Complete with Cart & Kettle

This reliable, 860-watt machine combines mobility, easy-to-use mechanics and antique aesthetics to deliver a beautiful and effective machine that is perfect for any small business, a space in the garage, or even to have in the office for intermittent snacks!

Looking like it came straight from the carnival, this popcorn machine comes in a brilliant red, and is adorned with gold text and ornamental designs. The popcorn machine is detachable from the mobile cart which allows for easy transport with it’s retro-looking bicycle wheels! It is equipped with 3 switches which allow for the operator to have complete control! The functions of these switches are: spot light warmer, stirrer and pot heater. The multiple functions allowed with this machine make for the ability to make popcorn and keep it warm with ease!

It uses an 8 oz kettle which can yield roughly 3 gallons of popcorn per batch! I don’t know about you, but that sounds poppin! It is easy to assemble, and can be put together in just 15-20 minutes. It is made of stainless steel and tempered glass, which makes for extremely easy clean up and a classy, professional look that will make you feel like you are Charles Cretors himself!

Whether you are in the market for a popcorn machine for your business, or simply wish to spice up your game room for the kids a bit, this wonderfully whimsical popcorn popper is full of nostalgia and reliability! 

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Funtime Palace Popper 16 OZ Commercial Bar Style Popcorn Popper Machine – FT1626PP

Commercial Bar Style Popcorn Popper Machine

The Funtime Palace Popper is a breath of fresh air when it comes to commercial popcorn machines because it was precisely designed to cater to home theater environments and true popcorn fanatics!

It comes as a small cube of popcorn wizardry, complete with a stainless steel frame and tempered glass on all four sides, so that no matter where you are you can see the action!

The glass is decorated with white borders for to further the aesthetics of the already beautiful machine, and directs your sights on the massive 16 oz kettle in the center which produces up to 6 gallons of tasty popcorn with ease!

Since it is made of stainless steel and tempered glass, it is extremely to clean! Not to mention, the kettle is detachable and easy to disassemble so that you may clean it more thoroughly and ensure optimal performance!

With its large kettle, sturdy stainless steel body, and convenient size, this commercial-grade, home theater popcorn machine is perfect for the office, the game room, the man cave, or even the lobby of your business! 

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Paragon Theater Pop 4 Ounce Popcorn Machine for Professional Concessionaires Requiring Commercial Quality High Output Popcorn Equipment

Paragon Theater Commercial Quality High Output Popcorn Equipment

The Paragon Theater Pop is the perfect popcorn machine to provide you, or your customers with tasty popcorn in a timely manner! This popcorn maker features a bright red frame on the top and bottom that is set apart by its traditional gold font that looks like it came straight from a movie theater.

With a 4 oz kettle, it produces a batch of popcorn in just 3 – 5 minutes, and can yield 92 one ounce servings of popcorn per hour! Talk about performance!

This popcorn machine is primarily designed for home use, and as such, is so conveniently sized that you don’t even need to assemble it! Simply have it shipped to your home, tear open the box, and voila! You will have delicious, heavenly puffs in just minutes!

Since it is a small machine in comparison to other commercial poppers, clean up is so simple that you may feel it is too good to be true! It features a built-in warming deck and an old maid drawer for all the kernels that get left behind in all the chaos! This makes for simple and easy clean up, and you don’t have to worry about getting a handful of tooth-breaking kernels!

With its small size and exceptional performance, this popcorn machine will make your home feel like you are at the movie theater 24/7! In buying this popcorn machine, you won’t ever need to purchase another popcorn popper again! 

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Essentially, whether you are in the market for an industrial-grade popcorn machine to increase your profit for your business, or you would simply like to fill your bathtub full of popcorn to say that you’ve done it, these popcorn makers will provide you with superior performance and movie-theater-style popcorn in just minutes!

So, if you love popcorn, or you know someone who does, don’t hesitate to look into a commercial popcorn popper! As I always say: YOPO. You only pop once…unless if you have a commercial popcorn machine!

Commonly Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when purchasing a commercial popcorn popper?

When choosing a commercial popcorn popper, there are several factors to consider. These include the yield, design, assembly requirements, clean-up process, and size of the machine. Evaluating these aspects will help you determine if a particular popcorn popper is suitable for your business or personal use.

What is the yield of a commercial popcorn popper?

The yield refers to the amount of popcorn the machine can produce in one batch. It is important to know the yield of a popcorn popper to ensure it can meet the demand of your establishment or personal needs. Each popcorn popper reviewed in the article provides details on its yield.

Does the design of a commercial popcorn popper matter?

The design of a commercial popcorn popper can be an important consideration, especially if you are looking for a specific aesthetic appeal. While many machines may have similar functionalities, some models offer a vintage look that adds a touch of nostalgia.
Above I provide insights into the design of each popcorn popper reviewed.

Do commercial popcorn poppers require assembly?

Most commercial popcorn poppers require some assembly, as it would be impractical to ship them fully assembled. The article provides information on the assembly requirements of each machine to give you an idea of the effort and time needed to set up the popper.

Is clean-up easy for commercial popcorn poppers?

Clean-up can vary depending on the popcorn popper model. Some machines may require more thorough cleaning, while others offer simple and easy clean-up processes. Understanding the clean-up requirements of a popcorn popper is crucial for maintaining its appearance and maximizing its lifespan.
Above I provide basic insights into the clean-up process for each reviewed popper.

What is the size of commercial popcorn poppers?

The size of a commercial popcorn popper is an important consideration, whether you are purchasing it for a business or personal use. I provide information on the size of each popcorn popper reviewed above, allowing you to determine if it fits your available space and meets your requirements.

Can you provide more information about the specific models of commercial popcorn poppers mentioned in the article?

I mention several specific models of commercial popcorn poppers, such as the Great Northern Popcorn 6010 Roosevelt Top Antique Style Popcorn Popper Machine, the Great Northern Popcorn 6210 POPHEAVEN Commercial Quality Style Popcorn Popper Machine with 12-Ounce Kettle, the Great Northern Popcorn 6097 8 OZ Foundation Red Full Antique Style Popcorn Popper Machine Complete with Cart and 8-Ounce Kettle, and the Funtime Palace Popper 16 OZ Commercial Bar Style Popcorn Popper Machine – FT1626PP. Each model offers unique features and capabilities.
I tried to provide a brief overview, but for more detailed information, I recommend you visit the respective product pages via the button beneath each review for specifications and customer reviews.