About Us

PopMaize.com itself is a new brand centered around everything popcorn and popcorn poppers. The social accounts and this website are new as well, but that does not mean we are new players on the block. Far from it.

We’ve worked with and marketed various popcorn makers since early 2016. Our love for popcorn snacks and our passion for creating healthy but delicious tasting munchies go back decades before that though. One could argue that it all started on two very different continents around the world.

Our mission is to instill in you our passion for the healthier snack option popcorn is. At the same time we will be sharing with you the the tools we use to make it and of course the different ways you can make popcorn taste absolutely delicious.

With that said, here is a sneak peak at the team behind PopMaize.com:

Konrad has a unique ability to take under-performing websites and make them lead and sales magnets. He is well known in the internet marketing world for his knack in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which also happens to be what he does for a living.

Aside from trying out and reviewing dozens of different popcorn making gadgets, he will be focused on managing the marketing side of this site, PopMaize.com.

Regina is a world renowned health food blogger who not only enjoys coming up with and sharing unique food recipes on her Leelalicious.com blog, but is an avid world traveler and different cuisine taster as well.

Aside from taste testing each bowl of popcorn made with the various popcorn poppers reviewed on this site, her main role here at PopMaize.com will be to ensure all links and information given is accurate and up to date at all times.