Review of the Great Northern Popcorn Original Spinner Popcorn Popper

31 May

The Great Northern 6 ½ quart original spinner is a simply designed appliance that provides the user with a manual popcorn-making experience and a satisfying end-product. We will examine and analyze this product and see just how well it stands on its own and how it compares to other popcorn makers of the style!


In comparison to other stovetop poppers, the 6 ½ quart original spinner is one of the largest available. With such a large kettle, you can prepare 6 ½ quarts of deliciously light and fluffy popcorn in just 3-5 minutes!

If you put too many kernels in, the stirring mechanism can jam and make your popcorn popping experience somewhat lackluster in terms of what it could be. Be patient and take your time in learning how to best operate the stirring mechanism so that you can maximize the amount of popcorn you can prepare in one sitting without burning or leaving bunches of kernels behind!

Clean Up

One of the highlights of this product is the easy clean up! Since it is put together with simple engineering, there aren’t a bunch of tiny nooks and crannies that need to be deep cleaned with micro-cleaning technology. Instead, you simply need to wipe it down with a paper towel or a damp wash cloth and watch as it shines!

Even though it would be nice for this appliance to disassemble for dishwasher cleaning, it isn’t necessary and does not require extensive cleaning!


Being a stovetop popper, the overall design is quite simple and straightforward. It is a heavy-cast aluminum pot topped with a double-ventilation lid that comes fitted with real wooden knobs on both sides of the lid. It is also equipped with an authentic wooden crank that operates the stirring mechanism.

Though aluminum is an excellent conduit for convection, it is flimsy and lightweight in comparison to other poppers which are made of stainless steel. So be sure to treat this popper with care and don’t thrash it around!

The stirring mechanism is simply two rotating wires that sit directly above the kernels and allow for circulation and redistribution of heat throughout the kettle, which allows for maximum popping potential and diminishes the chance of burning. While some customers have complained about the flimsy nature of this stirring mechanism, others have exclaimed that it works exceptionally well considering its simple design and merely requires patience and finesse.

The gears which allow for the the stirring mechanism to effectively operate are made of very sturdy plastic. In comparison to other stovetop popcorn makers, the plastic gears are much less practical and effective than the alternative metal gears that are readily available by request from the manufacturer or through buying another model or brand of stove top popper.

While most customers expound their gleaming satisfaction with this appliance and don’t seem to have any problems with the plastic gears, some have declared that the gears are easily jammed and the stirring mechanism stops spinning frequently throughout the stirring process. However, supposedly this problem is easily overcome by using less kernels to avoid jamming.

Since it is made of aluminum, there is some speculation that it isn´t good to use on electric stoves, however, this one does indeed work on induction stove tops, which makes it quite versatile and usable for people of all appliance preferences.


Since it is made of aluminum and uses plastic gears, I wouldn’t say that it is of the highest quality in comparison to other stovetop popcorn makers. Considering that there are others that are made of stainless steel and feature metal gears as well as more sturdy stirring mechanisms, this certainly requires a good amount of finesse in taking care of and operating the product.

However, many customers say that it works just fine and simply requires a small learning curve and some patience and that these two things will allow for the popcorn popper to last much longer and work more effectively.

In regards to its pricing, I suppose you are getting exactly what you pay for. Since it is only $22.20 on Amazon, you can’t really expect to get a hearty, stainless steel appliance complete with sturdy metal gears and a top-of-the-line stirring mechanism. So considering the price, you certainly get what you pay for.

Yet, according to customer’s testimonials, this appliance provides you with timely movie-theater-style popcorn in a fast and easy manner without all the pesky preservatives and additives that you would get with microwavable popcorn bags!


This stovetop popcorn maker is perfect as a gift for anyone who thoroughly enjoys popcorn or even for yourself to have as an auxiliary appliance at home! Despite its lack of sturdy hardware in this particular model, there are other brands and options that feature a stainless steel body and metal gears as opposed to the aluminum and plastic.

Yet, if these factors about the design and quality of the materials with which the appliance is made, then this popcorn popper will do just the job it is intended for and will provide you with delicious popcorn however the heck you like it in just minutes!

The price is a great selling-point as well! What a screaming deal! You pay $22.20 one time and don’t have to worry about restocking your popcorn bags every day! Unless if you don’t eat popcorn every day…which I have a hard time believing!

In conclusion, this product is cost-effective, easy to clean, simple to operate, and while the materials may not be indestructible and damage-resistant, they compositionally create an appliance that does exactly what it is intended to do!

So if you are curious about the process of manual popcorn popping and are looking for a more natural, healthy way to enjoy your favorite concession snack, then don’t hesitate and make your way to Amazon and spend some pocket change on the Great Northern Popcorn Original Spinner 6 ½ Quart Popcorn Popper today!

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