Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper

28 Jun

For those who prefer to enjoy their popcorn in a healthy and affordable manner, the Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper provides users with a fast, reliable and delicious product — additive and preservative free!

We will see just how much pop you get for your buck with this #1 Amazon Bestseller and weigh its profile against that of other hot air poppers!


This model by Presto produces 18 cups of hot, crispy, fluffy popcorn in just 2 ½ minutes and does so without all those pesky preservatives and additives that are commonly found in microwavable popcorn bags. The Presto 04820 pops approximately 30-percent faster than other hot air popper brands and does with virtually zero unpopped kernels.

This wonder-appliance is compatible with both regular and gourmet popcorn kernels, which means that you can potentially save up to 70-percent in comparison to what you would spend if you were purchasing leading microwavable popcorn brands.

On top of the high yield and short amount of time with which it is produced, you also are getting a product that is unadulterated and tainted with loads of saturated fats and extra unneeded chemicals, meaning that what you put in, is what you get out. This leaves a large gap for you to fill with your creativity and taste-preference, and ultimately giving you complete freedom to enjoy your popcorn how you truly desire every time you make it.

Though it produces a hefty amount of popcorn in a convenient time span, it is highly advised by manufacturers and other customers that you do NOT fill the kernels past the featured fill-line. If you do, there is a good chance kernels will get burned; leaving you with blackened popcorn, a smoky kitchen, and an unhappy tummy. Not to mention, the appliance will actually shut off in a fit of gluttonous rage in response to too many kernels. In short, be patient and be nice to your Presto!

Clean Up

Though the clean up after preparing a tasty batch of popcorn isn’t particularly awful, the cleaning experience can certainly be somewhat of a stifling agent in the whole culinary experience for some. Luckily, the Presto 04820 requires little-to-no clean up with its clean popping process and seamless delivery.

For the most part, all this ingenious popper requires is a little wipe down with a damp washcloth or wet towel to fetch out the lot of fallen kernels that got left behind and whatever toppings you add during the the popping process to ensure optimal popping efficiency… Now that doesn’t sound so bad!


This nifty appliance is a white cylinder complemented with vibrant yellow accents and topped with a bee-yellow measuring cup for butter and other toppings. It is also built according to North American Electrical standards, making it widely available for purchase and accessible in use. Being an electrical appliance, it also features plastic hooks on the back side of the machine, allowing for compact storage of the power cable and less clutter.

Since it is built for quick and easy popcorn popping, there is no ‘on/off’ switch and the product warns that if you run the machine without any kernels in it you can potentially damage the machine and melt the practice cover. While this may be an inconvenience for some who prefer the ease and comfort of such a switch, for those who don’t mind the lack of this luxury will be greatly pleased.

While it has a handy little measuring cup on the top of the cover which can be used to melt butter to add to the popcorn, it is advised by multitudes of customers to soften or even pre-melt the butter before placing it in the measuring cup for further heating and melting. This is because the popcorn pops in a very short amount of time and does not produce enough heat for long enough to thoroughly melt cold butter.

You may also notice that when the frenzy of gunfire sprouts from the machine, it may begin with sending out a few unpopped stragglers before the lot of the masses, however, if you aren’t easily bugged by minor discrepancies then this will just be another part of the experience and not a hindrance.


First off, it is an Amazon #1 Bestseller; that says quite a bit about the success of the product in and of itself.

Next, is its affordability. This specialized appliance provides popcorn fanatics and health enthusiasts with a knack for tasty, fluffy puffs of heaven, with virtually no unpopped kernels, timely delivery, and easy operation, all for $18.83. For less than $20.00 you get popcorn any way you want it in less than 3 minutes!

Though there have been accounts of select customers jimmy-rigging the appliance to better suit their needs — putting foil over the chute to prevent stragglers from escaping before the battle of the kernels begins — customers seem to find this appliance satisfying, convenient, and suitable.

One thing to consider, for those who are very particular with what they prefer, is that the State of California requires that this product advertises the fact that it does contain a potentially carcinogenic chemical that allegedly attribute to birth defects, even though its presence in the product is quite miniscule.

Aesthetic Appeal

The Presto 04820 is sleek in its simple colors and cylindrical, tower-like shape. The colors are bright and positive, meaning that when you bust it out in your kitchen it will pop and stand-out apart from the rest of the decor strewn about the space.

It is so simple, that doesn’t even have an ‘on/off’ switch. While for some, this could take away from the appeal and beauty of this machine, for some it is the simplicity that really drives it’s attractiveness.


All in all, the Presto 04820 Hot Air Popper is a wondrous machine.

It gives popcorn beginners and popcorn professionals alike, a fast, simple, clean and healthy way to prepare popcorn in just minutes with the freedom to prepare the snack however they desire.

With its positively bright coloring, timely delivery and affordable price, this popcorn popper is definitely one that I would highly recommend for those who are serious about their popcorn and want a separate appliance, or for those who are simply curious about the other methods with which they can enjoy their favorite snack!

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