Types of Kernels Popcorn Lovers Must Know

9 Oct

Popcorn is a healthy snack that comes handy for both indoor and outdoor snack-times. It is a great treat for the movie theatre, gatherings, carnivals, and lots more. It is loved by many people due to its great taste and varying flavours. 

Have you been enjoying all types of popcorn thinking they are all the same? Well, I’m here to tell you that there are different types of popcorn available. They differ according to kernels. These different popcorn kernels come with unique sizes, textures, and taste.

In this article, I’ll work you through the types of popcorn kernels available. This will help you to decide on the best one for you the next type you’re shopping for popcorn kernels. Popcorn kernels are typically grouped into Yellow, White, and Colored. 

Yellow Popcorn KernelsA bucket of popcorn

This is the most common type of kernels available. It’s what most movie cinemas prefer because it comes in large quantities and is less expensive. It has the most distinct flavor of all popcorn types. When popped, it comes out with a yellow tint and creamy look. So, if you like your popcorn the way they make them in the movies, go for yellow popcorn kernel.

The yellow popcorn is also fluffy with a slightly nutty taste. It has different types based on their sizes. The smaller sized yellow popcorn is referred to as Baby Yellow and the larger sized is the Gourmet Yellow.

White Popcorn Kernels
A bowl of white plain popcorn

White popcorn is a bit similar to the yellow kernel with a slight change in its pops. The pops are quite smaller than the yellow kernel. Once popped, it has a bright white colour and a softer texture. The white is also slightly tender than the yellow popcorn. Its taste is indistinct and pure. If you like your popcorn plain, white popcorn kernel will do that for you.

However, adding seasonings and flavorings to your white popcorn will give it some taste. A variety of white popcorn is the Lady Finger (it’s exceptionally rich in taste and texture for a white popcorn kernel). Other types include Gourmet White, Gourmet Red, Baby White, and Sweet Baby Blue.

Coloured Popcorn Kernels 


This type of kernel comes in smaller pops than the yellow and white popcorn. Although the kernel is red, the pops come out white with light and tender flakes. However, its primary uniqueness is its shelf life. The red popcorn kernel can last up to a year when stored in dry and tight containers. 

It also has a nutty and crispy flavor. The popcorn can be topped with caramel, salt, and cinnamon for a more scrumptious taste.


The blue popcorn kernel is similar to the red kernel with minor differences in its pops and taste. The blue popcorn also pops white, but it is crunchier and smaller in size. Moreover, it stands out in its fast and quick popping. If you need a kernel that pops fast, go for the blue popcorn kernel. 

Since it has a light texture, the blue popcorn quickly pops out than other types of kernels. Its shelf life is like that of red popcorn kernels. It also has a unique nutty taste and aroma.


The purple popcorn has the best flavor and uniqueness of all the coloured popcorn kernels. It pops out yellow with purple specks. Additionally, it has larger pops than yellow and red popcorn kernels. If you’re looking for unique flavor and color, choose the purple popcorn kernels.

A bowl of popcorn

Popcorn Kernels Shapes 

There are two different types of popcorn shapes. Any type of popcorn kernel comes out either in a butterfly/snowflake shape or a mushroom shape. 


This popcorn shape has an irregular figure with fragile wings from all sides. They’re considered the crunchier alternative of the two types of popcorn. Since it has no uniform shape, fewer servings can also fill up a bowl faster.


This has a round, big, and compact shape like a mushroom top. It is the best selection for caramel, candy, and chocolate toppings, and is recommended for popcorn recipes requiring glazing or drizzling popcorn. Not to mention, the mushroom-shaped popcorn is less fragile than the butterfly popcorn and has a denser and larger size.

Popcorn kernels may look alike and are a little difficult to distinguish. However, you can now note the differences in their sizes, color, and shapes. So, the next time you’re out shopping for your popcorn kernels, remember these differences and see what type of popcorn kernel suits you best! 

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