Nostalgia SP300 Retro Series 6-Qt Popcorn Popper

20 Jun

When popcorn pops into many of our minds, we think of attending the ball game back in the day with pseudo-circus music and dudes adorned in funny-looking hats tossing out boxes of cracker jacks amidst hordes of happy Americans enjoying their favorite past-time.

Well, with the Nostalgia SP300 Retro Series popcorn popper you can feel like you have traveled through time as if you are going to watch Babe Ruth himself at the stadium! Let’s take a look and see how this popcorn popper stands out among the rest and holds its own!


The Nostalgia SP300 comes straight out of the gate with a whopping 6 quart popping capacity! In other words, it produces 24 cups of delicious, hot, crispy popcorn in just a handful of minutes! Considering other brands of this kind of popper, 6 quarts is a substantial amount of popcorn per batch, and in comparison to microwavable popcorn bags, it is nearly double the amount of one bag of popcorn, and without all of those pesky unwanted additives and preservatives!

Not only does it produce 6 quarts of sinfully hot and fluffy popped corn, but it does so however you wish to prepare it! While Nostalgia does provide pre-prepared kits of popcorn which are made specifically for their brand of machines, regular kernels that can be bought in bulk are also valid. Simply add oil, salt, kernels, and watch ‘er pop!

Clean Up

This popcorn popper comes equipped with an easy-to-clean non-stick cooking plate, making the cleaning process a whizz! No hard scrubbing or soaking in hot, soapy water to get this sucker clean! Simply wipe it down with a warm, damp washcloth or sponge, let it dry, and watch it shine!

While the clear, dome-shaped lid that also works as a serving bowl may fit in your dishwasher, it is quite fragile and is highly recommended that you hand wash it in order to ensure longevity and optimal performance!


Though it has an infrastructural design that is quite similar to other popcorn poppers, it still brings a reliable and efficient design to the table (or countertop) that will keep you coming back for seconds (and thirds)!

Unlike some, it does not have an on/off switch and thus, simply requires that you plug it in to start the heating process. For some, this is a huge inconvenience, but if this lack of modernization doesn’t bug you then it will please you just fine!

It is fully armed with a motorized stirring arm that rotates and circulates the popcorn kernels — ensuring that you get the most out of what you put in! In fact, it allows for 25-percent more kernels to pop than most popcorn poppers and it does so without burning the living heck out of your precious popcorn!

The transparent lid doubles up as a serving bowl, but has been said to be quite fragile if handled without care. So, it is efficient in its dual-purpose capabilities, however, this capability can be swiftly diminished if lack of care is exhibited with the lid and will require you to call the manufacturers and possibly have to buy another one. Be cautious and handle with care!

Along with all of these features, it also comes with cool-touch handles so that you can go from popping your delectable popcorn to serving it without batting an eye! No need to wait until it cools down with this baby!


This model in particular is $39.29 on Amazon because of its retro design and appeal, but in terms of the inner-workings of the machine itself, it isn’t too different from other Nostalgia models.

Yet, despite the lack of sturdy construction with the lid/serving bowl, you are most definitely getting a high quality popcorn product that will provide you with movie-style popcorn from the comforts of your own home for less than $50.00!

You certainly can’t complain about that!

Aesthetic Appeal

The Nostalgia SP300 comes in a retro design, meaning that it looks like it came straight out of a time machine to provide you, your family, and your friends with traditional movie theater-style popcorn in just minutes!

It comes in a deep crimson hue that is reminiscent of carnivals and circuses from back-in-the-day and has three chrome strips that wrap around the appliance — making it look like a jukebox that came straight out of Grease! The silver stripes meet in the center in an offset pattern, bringing your attention to the ‘Retro Series’ logo placed front-and-center!

The lid is also fitted with a plastic cap similar in color for allowing excess kernels to escape during the heating process to prevent burning and claustrophobia for the popcorn before they are consumed by you and your compadres!

Final Impression

The only thing that I have found to be a hindrance with this popcorn popper is that the lid is quite fragile. While most customers have expounded their delight and satisfaction with this wonderful appliance, the most consistent complaint has been with the fragility of the lid and the required necessity to purchase another in post if it does indeed get damaged. Though some have said the manufacturers will replace the lid for free if it occurs soon after the purchase, some have had to purchase another bowl for anywhere up to $20.00 — Ouch…

On the bright side, this popcorn popper looks great, works great, and produces an ample amount of popcorn in a just a few minutes with only a little preparation beforehand! Not to mention, it lives up to its name Nostalgia with its retro 50’s design and beautiful coloring!

So, if you have a thing for 50’s aesthetics and delicious popcorn, this popper may be something that you should look into!

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