Jiffy Pop Review, History, Pros, Cons, Serving Size, Etc

13 Apr
Jiffy Pop Review

While there are many popcorn brands available today, one that stands out amongst the multitudes of choices is Jiffy Pop.


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Jiffy Pop is a popcorn brand owned by ConAgra Foods. What makes this brand stand out more so than the rest is that while many other popcorn brands rely on the invention of the microwaveable bag and the microwave, Jiffy Pop prefers to keep it simple and reliant on the old-school stovetop method which is supposed to retain more flavor and promise a memorable experience!

Despite its competitors being fast and efficient with the microwave oven, the term “Jiffy” refers to the short amount of time with which the popcorn is cooked, which if it can compete with microwave ovens, then that means you are provided with good quality, naturally cooked popcorn lickity split!

Jiffy Pop Snacks

It is such a simple design, that everyone from a little tot to your grandmother can cook it. Simply turn on the stove, place your Jiffy Pop atop the burner, and let the impatience settle in!


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Despite its simple nature, it is important not to fiddle with the contraption too much as it can cause the kernels to cook unevenly. At the same time, if there is not enough attention given to the device during the cooking process then the smell of burnt popcorn may fill up one’s home and the fire alarms may begin to start singing incessantly. I’m sure many of us can relate with this lovely smell during our childhood, eh?

Frederick C. Mennen, a chemist, inventor, and industrialist from LaPorte, Indiana is credited with the invention in 1958. The product contains corn kernels, oils, and flavoring agents in a heavy gauge aluminum pan with an expandable light gauge aluminum cover. As the pan is heated on the stovetop, the heated popcorn kernels caused the aluminum cover to unfold and puff up creating a balloon-like apparatus full of fluffy, crunchy bliss.

Jiffy Pop History

Mennen began marketing this fine product in 1959, offering both natural and butter flavors. As a result, American Home Products purchased Jiffy Pop from Mennen later that same year, and within one year’s time, the product was being sold in stores nationwide as it stole the public’s hearts with its simple, safe, and streamlined design.

However, the idea wasn’t entirely original as it was based on a similar product design from five years prior by Benjamin Coleman of Berkley, Michigan, and marketed by the Taylor Reed Corporation as E-Z Pop.


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In the early 1960’s, the Taylor Reed Corporation actually sued Mennen Food Products for patent infringement. The district court ruled for the plaintiff, and found both products to be equivalent to one another. The case was subsequently overturned on an appeal.

The product was endorsed in the 1970’s by stage magician Henri Bouton, better known as Harry Blackstone Jr., with the jingle, “the magic treat — as much fun to make as it is to eat!”

Frederick Mennen Jiffy Pop Inventor

Eventually, American Home Products split off its food division and renamed it International Home Foods in 1996. In the year 2000, ConAgra Foods purchased International Home Foods and absorbing and attaining control and profit of the Jiffy Pop brand.

Today, Jiffy Pop is offered in one stovetop version, Butter Flavor Popcorn. Considering that the popcorn industry has advanced drastically over the years with the introduction of the microwave oven and microwaveable bags, the simple fact that Jiffy Pop is still providing popcorn lovers with robust natural popcorn flavor and a uniquely poptastic experience is outstanding to say the least.

I believe it is safe to say, that Jiffy Pop remains “the magical treat — as much fun to make as it is to eat!” 

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Common Questions

Why is Jiffy Pop so expensive?

Jiffy Pop is a popular brand of popcorn that comes in a unique aluminum foil pan with a handle. The price of Jiffy Pop can be higher compared to other popcorn options for a few reasons:
Packaging: The special packaging of Jiffy Pop, which includes the aluminum foil pan and handle, adds to the production cost. The materials used and the manufacturing process involved in creating the distinctive packaging contribute to the overall price.
Convenience: Jiffy Pop is known for its convenience and nostalgic appeal. The ready-to-use nature of the product, where you simply place it on the stovetop and watch it expand, adds value and convenience for consumers. This convenience factor is reflected in the pricing.
Branding: Jiffy Pop has established itself as a well-known and trusted brand over the years. The brand’s popularity and reputation allow them to position their product at a premium price point compared to other popcorn options in the market.

When was Jiffy Pop invented?

Jiffy Pop was invented in the 1950s by a chemist named Fred Mennen. The exact year of its invention is not specified, but it gained significant popularity and commercial success in the 1960s. The unique concept of popcorn in a self-contained, expanding foil pan with a handle was a novelty at the time and captured the attention of consumers.
The iconic Jiffy Pop design and its association with stovetop popcorn became a symbol of convenience and fun for many households. Today, Jiffy Pop remains a nostalgic and beloved brand of stovetop popcorn.

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