Great Northern Popcorn “PopHeaven” Commercial Quality Popcorn Machine w/ 12-ounce Kettle

30 Jul

Are you a business owner who wishes to increase his/her yields, or a popcorn connoisseur with a seemingly endless appetite for crunchety, crispety, nostalgic bits of butter-smothered heaven? Well, then the PopHeaven commercial-grade popcorn machine by Great Northern Popcorn company is most certainly the appliance for you!

Let’s take a gander at how this beastly goliath of a popcorn popper stands apart amongst the rest and compares with other commercial machines.


Whether you are cooking popcorn in your man cave for poker night or selling it in the lobby of your up-and-coming business, one of the most important factors — if not the most important — is how much popcorn the machine can pop in one sitting.

With the PopHeaven popcorn machine, you are investing not only in outstanding quality (which we will get to later) and engineering, but you are ensuring that every time you fill the kettle and flip the switch, you are provided with enough popcorn for seconds, thirds, and fifths.

It is fitted with a 12-ounce kettle, meaning that it produces an astonishing 5 gallons (80 cups)  per batch. To put this in perspective, one microwavable bag of popcorn contains 13 cups of popcorn at 6 ½ cups per serving. That is more than 6 times the amount of popcorn than that in microwavable bags!

Clean Up

Since this machine is composed of heavy-duty powdered stainless steel and tempered glass, it is simply a breeze to clean.

All it requires to get it looking shiny and good-as-new is a wipe down with a warm and wet washcloth. Of course, if you feel like taking your time and using hot soapy water to give it a deep clean when the machine is turned off then that works just as well. For most individuals, washing things by hand seems so archaic — especially with the development of dishwashers. However, if you are one who likes the look of shiny things and enjoys keeping his/her appliances clean and operational, then cleaning up your PopHeaven popper will be a walk in the park.

Luckily for you, it is a popcorn machine, meaning that the only messes you primarily need to worry about are oil, butter, and unborn kernels that get raked into the old-maids drawer. As such, there is no arduous scrubbing and sanitizing needed in order to keep it looking like it was freshly manufactured.


As mentioned earlier, this particular device is composed of heavy-duty, powder-coated stainless steel and high-quality tempered glass. It’s cubical shape is spacious, simple, and effective and provides your popcorn with ample space to pop around freely..

The PopHeaven also runs on 1,350 watts — meaning it requires a substantial amount of juice to operate. However, once it is operating it runs smoothly and efficiently with little-to-no hang-ups. The machine is fitted with three functional switches which control the spot light warmer, the pot-stirrer, and the pot-heater. These switches give the operator greater control over the whole of the heating process and the machine itself.

Along with the electronic superiority and exceptional chassis, it is equipped with a 12-ounce kettle and metal gears. 12 ounces is far more than most domestic popcorn appliances, and as such, is perfect for small business owners with a knack for yield inflation. The metal gears are a godsend because while plastic gears might be sufficient with stovetop poppers or electric oil poppers, they would buckle under the sheer weight of 5 gallons and constant activity.

To top it all off, it features a fold-down hatch that opens to the main chamber for preparing, scooping, serving, and cleaning. In the bottom of the main chamber are perforated openings that allow for the old-maids to fall through into a convenient tray located directly beneath the main chamber. With this, you don’t have to worry about breaking your teeth on unpopped kernels in the midst of stuffing your face during your favorite part of the movie. Simply rake the unpopped kernels along the bottom of the appliance and watch them fall through into their secret chamber below.


Now, let’s talk about the quality of the PopHeaven. As it says in the name, it will take you straight to pop heaven. While some customers have reported issues with the product, the majority of consumers are very content and satisfied with the responsiveness of their popcorn popper.

First, the composition. With heavy-duty, powder-coated stainless steel, you are guaranteed a sturdy and sleek piece of machine. Not to mention, it is adorned with tempered glass — meaning it can withstand high temperatures and a little scuffle here and there.

With it’s metal gears, 12-ounce kettle, and 1,350 watt capability, I would definitely say that in purchasing the PopHeaven commercial-grade popcorn popper you are investing in a consistently pop-tastic experience. You can count on this lovely apparatus to provide you with movie-theater-quality popcorn nearly every time you use it.

I say “every time” because in the world of consumerism there are bound to be hiccups here and there with any product.

Aesthetic Appeal

It all starts with a glance. Whether you are shopping online or perusing through the aisles of a K-Mart, your purchases usually begin with your eyes. As such, let’s take a look at this beauty and how it will catch your eye.

For beginners, it’s chrome-colored, stainless steel frame is elegant, sleek, and modern. This, coupled with the tempered glass panes, makes it stand out to those looking for something more contemporary — as opposed to the models that closely resemble the original machines that you could expect to find at a Dodger’s game back in the day with your ol’ man.

However, it isn’t entirely contemporary. One of the great features of this appliance is the artwork that is very nostalgic and reminiscent of old ball games and family evenings at the theater. This particular model is adorned with a soft, blue banner on the front that reads, “Popcorn” in all capital letters and a silly ad-like font. Along with this, are several sub-headings on all four sides of the apparatus — all displaying different descriptors of popcorn such as: delicious, fresh tasty, and so on. On either side of the copy on every panel, are little popcorn characters jovially gallivanting about and playing a variety of musical instruments. Apparently nothing goes with popcorn better than some tunes.

Final Impression

So, what do you think? The PopHeaven brings exquisite, contemporary design, functionality and operation to the table, as well as semi-retro aesthetics to create a capable and good-looking popcorn popper. It’s yield far surpasses that of other machines, and it’s high-grade compositional materials make it sturdy, reliable, and ultimately long-lived. With that being said, if you are looking to further entertain your patrons at your family-owned retail store, or your newly bought movie theater franchise, look no further than the PopHeaven by Great Northern Popcorn to provide you with the reliability and and delicious that you are looking for.

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